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Loyalty Discount Terms and Conditions


Ponderosa (the Company) offers the Loyalty Discount promotion (the Promotion) as a monthly recurring discount of $5.00 to customers who meet the multiple product subscription qualifications in accordance with the following terms and conditions.


Qualification for the Promotion is per telephone number. Each telephone number eligible for the Promotion must be subscribed to the combination of qualifying products. See paragraph 3 Qualifying Products List. The Loyalty Discount will be prorated for the number of actual days a telephone number is eligible in the billing cycle when a customer enters or exits qualification. Customer must maintain qualifying products to remain eligible for the Promotion. 


Ponderosa may terminate a customerís eligibility for the Promotion when the customer fails to continuously qualify in the multiple product requirements, or when a customerís service is disconnected for non-payment of qualifying products.

Customer may cancel qualifying products to exit the Promotion at any time by notifying Ponderosa Customer Care via telephone call or in writing. Other conditions or restrictions may apply subject to the terms and conditions for each enrolled product, which can be viewed on our website at


Required products include:

1.  Ponderosa Long Distance PLD Zero Plus: $4.20 monthly recurring charge, 60 minutes billed at no charge, 8.9 cents per minute beginning at the 61rst minute, for anytime domestic direct dialing. The monthly recurring charge is billed in advance while the toll charges are billed in arrears.


2.  Choose at least ONE option from the following categories:

     ■  Internet:  Broadband Internet  ($26.95, $36.95, $46.95 or $57.95, $62.95), Dial-up Internet ($18.95), Internet T-1 ($800.00)

     ■  Telephone:  Classic Voice Package ($5.00), Classic Voice Plus Package ($6.50), Caller ID Residential ($5.50), Caller ID Business ($5.50), Calling Name ID Residential ($6.50), Calling Name ID Business ($6.50), Voice Mail Messaging 10 ($4.25) AND Home Wiring Protection ($1.50), Voice Mail Messaging 20 ($6.50), Voice Mail Messaging 30 ($8.50), Voice Mail Messaging 40 ($10.50), Greeting Only Mailbox ($4.25) AND Home Wiring Protection Residential ($1.50), Greeting Only Mailbox ($4.25) AND Home Wiring Protection Business ($3.00) 


Effective August 1, 2006 customers who qualify for and enroll in the promotion will remain eligible as long as they continuously qualify. Ponderosa reserves the right to discontinue the promotion to new potentially eligible customers at any future date without notice and will do so by placing a closing date on these terms and conditions posted at Ponderosa may terminate this agreement without cause upon 30 days written notice to the customer.


There are no administration charges to the customer for the Promotion initiation. Other charges may apply for the initiation of new services.

Update 06/19/17




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